Donate a Billable Hour

East River Legal Services (ERLS) is a recognized 501c3 non-profit in South Dakota. All donations are considered tax deductible. Donate online today!


Advancing Equal Access to Justice

ERLS provides legal services in the following areas: Domestic Violence, Family Law, Housing Law, Elder Law, Social Security/SSI Disability, and Veterans and Military Families.

Who ERLS is Able to Help

At current funding levels, ERLS can only help about 6% of people living in poverty in our service area. On average, each of our attorneys handle 348 cases per year.

You Can Expand Our Reach

A tax-deductible donation equivalent of one single billable hour of your time assists ERLS in providing legal services for the more than 14% of South Dakotans living in poverty.


A Note from our Executive Director

As a program, we continue to make remarkable progress, which would not be possible without your valued support and dedication. So much great work has been done, and there is so much more great work left to do. We continue to work hard diversifying and stabilizing our financial footing while incorporating new technologies and processes to serve more clients, more efficiently. Together we are making access to justice a reality for all South Dakotans regardless of income.