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September 12, 20190

I spent two years practicing law at East River Legal Services (ERLS). I helped people all throughout eastern South Dakota. People of limited economic means, people who had suffered various forms of abuse, children in need of safe and stable homes…Vulnerable citizens in desperate need of help. I used my skills as an advocate and counselor at law to better their lives and provide them a better future. I worked alongside a hardworking and motley crew of do-gooders, who comprise the ERLS staff. I consider them superheroes, and so should the community. ERLS is a unique and special law practice and non-profit organization within South Dakota. Attorneys – young, mid-career, or late-career – should consider working at ERLS. It provides the immediate opportunity for hands-on client interaction and courtroom advocacy, while working alongside dedicated and supportive coworkers, in an organization that wants you to grow and succeed. Overall job satisfaction = high.  Come work at ERLS, where staff are truly able to make a difference!

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