Equal access

to justice for our most vulnerable citizens of eastern South Dakota.


the lives of our clients and our community


high-quality, meaningful legal assistance

About us

East River Legal Services

was established in 1977. For the past forty (40) years it has committed itself to being a leader in providing high-quality, meaningful legal assistance focused on transforming the lives of its clients and its community. East River's clients are made up of the more than 14% of South Dakotans living in poverty. For these people, justice is not an abstract concept, but reality. It is food, shelter, and protection. It is the difference between staying in poverty and getting out; living in danger or in safety; between dependence and self-reliance.

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Who we serve

We do not handle:

  • Criminal
  • Immigration
  • Personal injury
  • Malpractice
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Traffic violations
  • Probate
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