East River Legal Services believes that providing information and partnering with local organizations to educate staff and clients makes a stronger, more well-informed community. We are proud to offer training to other agencies, businesses, or community organizations on a variety of topics. Some of the presentations we can provide include:

Other requests may be considered based on knowledge or time.

If you are interested in requesting training, please fill out the request below. Make sure to include the date you would like the training, presentation time frame, and training topic. East River Legal Services will try to respond to training requests within one (1) week. Requests will be considered on a first come, first served basis. All requests are dependent on staff members time and availability. For more information and questions, please contact East River Legal Services at (605) 336-9230.

Make sure to check this page frequently! As we expand and provide more training, the topic list will be updated to reflect these changes.
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